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From the Sack Volumes - Volume V - Brochure #26 Thomas Hope: Regency Designer Poussin and Nature: Arcadian Vision

Milo NaeveMilo Naeve - October 9, 1931 - August 10, 2009

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge that Milo Naeve, a true, loyal and supportive friend of the Sack family, died on Monday, August 10th, in Kennet Square, Pa., where he lived with his wife, Nancy.

Milo will be greatly missed by the Arts community as a whole and The Sack Heritage Group, in particular, where he so generously gave of his knowledge and expertise on a vast number of subjects. His prolific, insightful and frequent book reviews as an addition to this website were invaluable and we were truly honored by his willingness to be a part of it. Bob always held Milo in great esteem as we did.

Milo held curatorial and administrative positions at Winterthur Museum. He had been Curator of Colonial Williamsburg and became Director of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center before being recruited to be the first curator of the American Arts Department of the Art Institute of Chicago, which had been newly founded. In 1984, he was named the Field-McCormick Curator of American Arts, the first curatorial position endowed at the Art Institute. When he retired in l99l, his service was recognized with the honorary title of Field-McCormick Curator Emeritus of American Arts. He was cited as a "thorough scholar, a fine judge of aesthetic quality in a work of art, a curator's curator". A listing of his many awards and recognitions can be found elsewhere.

Milo was also widely known as lecturer and author. Among his many books, articles and book reviews (which he graciously wrote for this website), he was author of The Classical Presence in American Art and American Furniture: Colonial to Contemporary as well as The A, B, C, D's of Collecting.

Contributions may be made in memory of Milo to Christ Church Christiana Hundred, PO Box 3510, Greenville, Delaware 19807 or to Fox Chase Cancer Center, Dr. Michael Unger, 333 Coffman Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa., 19111-2497.


A new series - From the Sack Volumes.

The Israel Sack Collection

American Antiques from Israel Sack Collection consists of a set of 10 volumes, comprising the offerings of that firm from 1957 to 1990. The contents consist of over 5,000 items of Americana offered by Israel Sack, Inc. the Volumes were conceived and produced by Joseph Hennage, a discriminating collector of Americana, publisher, and friend of the Sack brothers. The collection he formed has been donated to Colonial Williamsburg, as well as the home in which it is housed. Mr. and Mrs. Hennage convinced the Sack brothers that the treasures of Americana that passed through their hands should be recorded to provide a panorama of the superb and magnificent creations of our native craftsmen.

The Volumes have become an important part of the scholarship in the field. The Volumes contain introductions to each chapter, many of which contain messages, principles and philosophy on collections, values and concepts that bear repeating.

In that vein, we have selected a number of articles contained in these Volumes and will present those which we feel will be useful to collectors and scholars.

In Volume X, we published a section entitled “The Best of Wendell Garret” With his permission, we will offer articles from this group which can supplement the articles he has already generously provided for this site.

Albert Sack


2007 Smith Award to Dr. Christopher Long

The Robert C. Smith Committee of the Decorative Arts Society has presented the 2007 Smith Award to Dr. Christopher Long for the most distinguished article in the decorative arts published during the year, by an American, and in the United States. He receives it for an article entitled “The Viennese Secessionisstil and Modern American Design” in the Spring-Summer 2007 issue of the Bard Graduate Center’s Studies in the Decorative Arts (vol. xiv, No. 2, pp.6-44). The semiannual is edited by Sarah B. Sherrill; the guest editor for the special issue on Modernism in America in which the article; appeared was Dr. Kristina Wilson, Assistant Professor of Art History, Clark University.

The Committee members are: Peter M. Kenny, Ruth Bigelow Wriston Curator of American Decorative Arts and Administrator of the American Wing, The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Dr. Jessie J. Poesch, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Art History at Newcomb College, Tulane University; and the Chair, Milo M. Naeve, Field-McCormick Curator Emeritus of American Arts, The Art Institute of Chicago. Committee members must be former recipients of the Award. They cannot receive the Award during committee service, though others are eligible regardless of previous awards.

The Committee states that Dr. Long’s article admirably meets standards of the  Smith Award. The research is comprehensive, carefully documented, and clearly stated. The final qualification for the Smith Award is an innovative subject that establishes a new direction in research. Dr. Long’s article presents a new insight into American decorative arts in the early 20th Century—especially the Chicago School and the West Coast—and documents Viennese arts as the foundation for later innovative European influences.

Dr. Long received his education in the United States, Austria and Germany. His undergraduate degree in history is from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin and studied at the universities of Graz and Vienna. He holds a doctorate in architectural history from the University of Texas at Austin. His Fulbright award was to the University of Vienna. Dr. Long is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas in Austin where he specializes in the history of architecture and the decorative arts.

Early 20th Century Austrian and American architecture and design are Dr. Long’s focus. He publishes frequently on the subjects. His books include Josef Frank: Life and Work (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2002), and this year Yale University Press released his Paul T. Frankl and Modern American Design. Dr. Long’s current research is for a book on designer Kem Weber.

Emyl JenkinsAnnouncing

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new feature

Emyl Jenkins – Author of Stealing with Style will be providing Sack Heritage Group with fine arts related Questions & Answers each month.

Ms. Jenkins is a longtime antiques appraiser. She has worked at two auction houses and written numerous books and articles on antiques, as well as a syndicated column. In addition to Stealing with Style she is the author of Emyl Jenkins' Appraisal Book, Emyl Jenkins' Southern Christmas, The Book of American Traditions, and From Storebought to Homemade, among others.

Stealing With Style

Stealing with StyleQuestion:

Dear Antiques Expert: I was appalled to read where a portion of an antique iron fence around a cemetery plot and two carved sculptures from the graves were recently stolen. Why would anyone do such a thing?


Money. Decorative antiques suitable for a garden or solarium are brining top dollar these days. Such items found in cemeteries, especially small, unattended cemeteries, as many old ones tend to be, can be easily stolen and sold before they are missed. To illustrate how highly desirable 18th- and 19th- century garden accessories have become, a specialty shop recently featured an iron garden bench for $7,500 and a pair of iron planters for $15,000. Exceptional garden statues are often sold in the $20,000-$25,000 range.

Previous Questions ...

A special thank you..

Wendell GarrettWendell Garrett: A true Renaissance gentleman, who has been so gracious, willing and generous with his time, incredible knowledge and vast expertise. We are pleased to count Wendell Garrett as a friend. His continuing contribution to the Sack Heritage Group website is gratefully acknowledged. Without his confidence and understanding of what we wanted to accomplish, we might not be entering our 3rd year.

Thank you, Wendell. Congratulations upon the occasion of the Antiques Dealers Association of America honor on April 17th, which is added to your many other richly deserved awards.

Museum in the Spotlight

Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts offers a unique experience. Explore early New England in the company of farmers, craftsmen, and fascinating characters. Celebrate yesterday's proud traditions on your remarkable journey into America's past. OSV is the largest outdoor living history museum in the northeast. The historical landscape of more than 200 acres includes more than 40 structures including restored buildings brought from across New England as well as some authentic reconstructions.


We’re pleased to present a series of articles, interesting exhibitions and book reviews. For a complete list of authors and contributors including Wendell Garrett, Milo Naeve and Albert Sack, check the Articles index.

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The Sack Heritage Group is built on the Sack tradition of expertise in the world of art and antiques. We will ensure the continuation of the high standards and integrity that the Sack name has always represented, as we continue our presence in the Decorative Arts community. Please check back as we continue to add new features and services. To request more information, please use our contact form.
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